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Milligan - Milligan

M Training Loop

About the Loop

Home to one of the most successful programs in the nation, the M Training Loop serves as one of the facilities for Milligan cross-country and track & field. With the entrance near the parking lot behind Hopwood Memorial Christian Church, the 600-meter loop of all grass follows the banks of Buffalo Creek. Stone columns mark the loop every 100 meters as well as the start and finish lines. The loop features dedicated landscaping and new signage highlighting a quote by Juma Ikangaa:

"The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."

6881 The throws pit, located near the back end of the M Loop, is one of two locations on campus for Milligan's throwers. The other, located behind Steve Lacy Fieldhouse, is used for longer throws such as discus and javelin.

Other locations for Milligan cross-country/track & field training include the scenic Tweetsie Trail and Kermit Tipton Stadium. The Tweetsie Trail follows the former ET&WNC railroad line from Johnson City to Elizabethton, providing runners and bikers a soft-surface trail which cuts through the wooded foothills of east Tennessee. Kermit Tipton Stadium and Sydney Smallwood Track & Field Complex is situated on the campus of Science Hill High School and has also served as the home for the Appalachian Athletic Conference Championships for a number of years.

Off-Campus Facilities


Kermit Tipton Stadium and Sydney Smallwood Track & Field Complex
Primarily serving as one of the practice facilities for Milligan's track & field programs, Kermit Tipton Stadium and Sydney Smallwood Track & Field Complex also serves as the venue for the Appalachian Athletic Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships, which Milligan hosted from 2005 to 2015. The stadium includes a regulation track along with jumps and throws areas.

Tweetsie Trail
With the construction of section 1 between Johnson City and Sycamore Shoals being completed in the summer of 2014, the Tweetsie Trail serves as another training location for the Milligan cross-country and track & field programs. Pictured above is the Milligan Depot, a resting point for walkers, hikers and riders. The Tweetsie Trail is used regularly by Milligan's distance runners as a soft-surface alternative to running on the roads.